Introducing Roboswarm’s New Template Editor

This week we introduced the the biggest change yet to template editing on Roboswarm. With improved support for complex actions (PATCH, PUT, DELETE, POST) and new support for sequenced requests, Roboswarm is more powerful than ever!

Roboswarm new template editor

The new template editor brings a lot of advanced functionality to our WordPress load testing tool, while still maintaining ease of use for people not comfortable with load testing.

  • We now support more HTTP methods
    • GET
    • PATCH
    • POST
    • PUT
    • DELETE
  • Custom HTTP headers
  • Custom HTTP body
    • Regular form encoded HTTP bodies as well as JSON encoded are supported.
  • For WordPress specifically, you can now authenticate users by uploading a CSV with a combination of usernames and passwords.

In addition to the template editor changes, load test templates created with the new editor can now choose between two user behavior types:

  • Even spread – The load test users spread out evenly across the entire template
  • Sequence – The load test users step through the routes in the template in order.

Even spread is the default behavior for RoboSwarm, but sequence style tests are extremely useful for modeling specific user flows such as authentication.